Monday, March 31, 2014

monday meanderings

It's payday and I was feeling sort of craptastic this morning ... so what's a girl to do? Hello Amazon my old friend. OK so I only went a little nuts. And I had a gift card! See. I've been eyeing up that Cinch spiral binding machine for a while now. On the theory that I can take all that scrap paper littering up my house ... and all those free discards from my bookstore owning friend ... and put together some spiral books that I can sell -- either through friend's bookstore or etsy or both.

I tried the etsy thing  a while back when I was making blank cards. But selling individual cards is just not worth the time it takes to list, and the shipping costs etc. But perhaps some nice chunky scrap journals might do the trick. Of course there's every chance the binding machine will turn out to be just another dusty paperweight in my craft room. But I hope not.

I'm still way behind on my scrapbooking. But while I was in money spending mode I finally remembered to order a bunch of pictures I need to finish up some stuff from last December. So bonus points there. Now to find the time to excavate my craft table and get going.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Notes from the nest

So I've been thinking about stillness a lot lately. The kind of gentle strength of a deer standing at the edge of the forest. Antlers wreathed with flowers. Pictures of Frida Kahlo with flowers in her hair. Reading excerpts of books about how society undervalues Introverts. About what the line is between self care and self indulgence. Navigating that line between treating myself gently and needing to kick my ass into gear. Of valuing what I am instead of what society tells me I should be. Of spilling colors on scrap paper. Of taking those random pages and making a book to help me navigate my inner wild spaces.

There's a lot percolating, and I should come to this space more. I do try. But then I find myself simply gazing out the window and watching the trees wave in the wind.