Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doing it anyway.

I was tired. I was cold. I just wasn't into it. But I made myself sit down and crank out collage #3 for my dreams class. The journaling/sharing had been done on Facebook earlier in the day. Raw painful truths unearthed. And I feel like this little collage honors that. At any rate it's pretty. 

I need a better set up for photographing these, but I do what I can with dodgy lighting and my iPhone. 

Scrapbook paper scraps glued and sewed to some watercolor paper, covered with layers of gesso (both random and through a stencil) and a variety of mists and watercolor. I'm addicted lately to sticking thread (I'm using very fine crochet thread I thrifted mostly) in bundles behind my focal image lately. 

The real struggle is knowing when to stop the "add color" "take color away with gesso" dance. 

Still on the hunt for my watercolor crayons, but making do with an exceedingly cheap set of watercolors ! 

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