Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The newest obsession

Three days in and I'm completely obsessed with my faux Hobonichi. I've watched endless flip-through videos on YouTube and have stalked Pinterest and the internet at large. I get so obsessed with things!

While I'd really like to try out the Tomoe River paper in a Hobonichi, the ever popular Miquelruis grid journal will do for now. Actually it's taking the watercolor pretty well. There's bleed through if I get too heavy-handed with the water, but crinkles and splodges don't really bother me that much. And I have bookmarked a few places where I can get paper samples, so maybe I can get a few sheets when next to have a few splurge dollars and see that the fuss is about!

I did opt for the 100 page version of the Miquelruis as my squirrel mind would never be able to put a whole year in one of those 300 page versions. I love the idea of that, but I just know I wouldn't last through that many pages. Proof of squirrel mind ... after only three days I'm already thinking about changes to make! I've lined off and stamped out dates for a page a day for the whole month of July, but I can already tell that next month I might not bother and just date stamp the pages. That way if I have more writing or more images than one page will hold I can adapt as I go.

Which is where I laugh at myself as one of the things I was drawn to about the real Hobonichi is that page a day format. And as soon as I start using that I want to change things up. (See the day three entry under "my brain is an arsehole.") And I've been wondering if when I finish this book I shouldn't just use loose pages and keep them in a ring binder. Having lots of thoughts about that today. But we'll see how it goes.

I'm totally in love with the way the first pages have come out. I've been telling myself for years (decades?) that I'm not a natural artist. And let's face it, I'm not. But I'm crazy proud of the few drawings I've done here. I'm trying to give myself permission to just do something that is at least recognizable, and try and ignore the perfection monsters in my head who like to shout things like "that's so not what that thing looks like stupid!" SHUSH MONSTERS!

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